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EchoGo Core

Automate LV analysis with zero variability

Zero variability between operators
Time saved vs manual analysis
Outperforms manual analysis

The zero variability solution

EchoGo automatically interprets echocardiogram scans with unprecedented  precision and accuracy, calculating the most common measurements in diagnosing heart health.

Our cloud-based service provides reports to assist clinical decision making, enabling clinicians to interpret echocardiogram scans with zero variability.

Additionally, cardiac strain is now reimbursable with CPT add-on code +93356.

Improve heart disease detection

Ultromics uses patented, regulatory-approved AI to calculate the analysis of echocardiograms, incorporating 230+ measurements, helping clinicians make more informed decisions when diagnosing heart disease.  See it in action – book a demo

The current limitations with echocardiography

Echocardiography is the most effective tool for diagnosing heart disease, the #1 global killer.

Traditional methods for interpreting scans are done manually and require skill and experience for optimal, reproducible results.

Interpreting scans manually creates high levels of variability, adds pressure on care teams, and can affect study quality.

This often makes ultrasound a barrier to accurate diagnosis, and means heart disease is missed 1 in 5 times. 


The reports

We calculate the most common measurements used in the diagnoses of heart health, including global longitudinal strain (GLS), ejection fraction (EF), left ventricle end-diastolic volume (LV EDV), left ventricle end-systolic volume (LV ESV), left ventricle end-diastolic length (LVL ED), left ventricle end-systolic length (LVL ES) – from 4C, A2C, A4C/A2C, A3C, A4C/A2C/A3C views and biplane.

Benefits of EchoGo Core

Improve precision and accuracy, and efficiently interpret scans - regardless of prior experience. Eliminate manual evaluations that can be subjective, time-consuming, error-prone, and dependent on a clinician's experience.

Truly autonomous

Our AI connects seamlessly through the cloud with HIPAA-compliant security.

EchoGo is vendor-neutral, connects directly to your PACS, and automatically processes measurements by selecting the best clip, contouring, and selecting best cycle and frame selection.

A report is sent to you, accessible from anywhere, all without the need for any special training.

A vendor-neutral platform that is continually evolving

Our algorithms were built in partnership with the NHS at the University of Oxford and trained on a unique outcomes-based dataset.

This reinforces the robustness of our platform and demonstrates our ability to support early disease detection and predict outcomes.

We can scale across many clinical applications to interpret ultrasounds.


Why EchoGo?

Powered by patented and regulatory approved AI technology, Ultromics is FDA-cleared and CE-marked for use in America, the UK and Europe.

"EchoGo was able to predict patient mortality in the COVID population, when manual analysis could not. The platform could minimize variability between operators; this lower variability of measurements led to a higher predictive value."

Dr. Federico Miguel Asch,

Director of the Echocardiography Core Lab at MedStar Health Research Institute

"We are pleased to collaborate with Ultromics to help increase the diagnostic accuracy of detection of cardiovascular diseases with echocardiography."

Dr. Patricia Pellikka,

Vice Chair, Department of Cardiovascular Medicine at Mayo Clinic

Clinically validated to provide zero variability

EchoGo was compared by accredited experts with a predicate AI device that used human interpretation and was semi-automated.

The study involved 500+ patients. EchoGo produced ZERO variability in measuring LV volumes, EF and GLS between operators.

Experts using the traditional predicate software produced a high level of inter- and intra- operator variability.


World-renowned collaborators

See EchoGo in action

Upload 10 studies for free and experience EchoGo for yourself, or schedule a consultation with one of our clinical experts.