AI for Echo: New Research and Innovation for Detecting Cardiovascular Disease

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Monday 11th October 2021

As part of the British Society Of Echocardiography conference 2021, Prof. Paul Leeson,  Head of the Oxford Cardiovascular Clinical Research Facility and co-founder of Ultromics, talks to Dr. Gary Woodward, Chief Technical Officer for Ultromics, and David Bowen, International Business Director for Ultromics, about new innovation and research for better CVD detection.  


Utilization of AI for Echocardiography Analysis and Outcome Prediction

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Thursday 2nd September 2021

Dr. Patricia Pellikka from Mayo Clinic discusses the utilization of deep-learning applications to echocardiography for the diagnostic classification of cardiovascular disease. Followed by Dr. Federico Asch from MedStar presenting how AI is able to predict cardiac patient outcomes, such as mortality, with results shared from the 2021 WASE-COVID trial.


ASE 2021: Ultromics AI predicts cardiac outcomes in COVID patients (part of the WASE-COVID Study)

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Monday 21st June 2021

Lead authors, Dr. Federico Asch and Dr. Roberto Lang, discuss with Ultromics CTO, Gary Woodward, the outcomes of the WASE-COVID trial, a multi-center study from the The World Alliance Societies of Echocardiography using artificial intelligence to predict Cardiac outcomes in COVID-19 patients.


ASE 2021: The Role of Artificial Intelligence today in Echocardiography

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Monday 21st June 2021

We hear from Gary Woodward, Chief Technical Officer of Ultromics, who hosts a sit-down conversation with Dr Partho Sengupta, discussing the role of artificial intelligence today in clinical practice, and how it is providing physicians with the best insights to support clinical decisions for their patients – including what to know, what to do, and when to get started.


Myocardial Strain: Uses and Challenges

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Thursday 21st May 2020

Join Professor Paul Leeson and Doctor Rizwan Sarwar as they discuss the current clinical use cases for myocardial Strain, and cover a few of the current challenges for accurately quantifying Strain. This upcoming webinar is a can’t miss opportunity to gain insightful guidance on how to decrease variability in the calculation of Strain and how to quickly implement this valuable tool into clinical practice.

Our speakers

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Professor Paul Leeson

Professor of Cardiovascular Medicine at the University of Oxford



Doctor Rizwan Sarwar

Clinical Research Fellow at John Radcliffe Hospital, Oxford

Ross Upton


Ross Upton

Founder and CEO of Ultromics

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