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NHS AI Virtual Hub 'Show and Tell' series|Ultromics

The NHS AI Virtual Hub Show and Tell series includes presentations from the NHS AI in Health and Care Award winners. In this Show and Tell snippet, Doctor Gary Woodward, Chief Technical Officer at ...

NHS staff given easy access to cloud-based echocardiogram analysis

Clinicians across the NHS can now access the cloud-based application, EchoGo, through the Sectra Image Exchange Portal (IEP), to automate ultrasound analysis. EchoGo can automate thousands of scans ...

EchoGo now available on the Microsoft Azure Marketplace

Microsoft Azure customers worldwide now gain access to the Ultromics’ EchoGo service for automated echocardiography analysis.

Ultromics receives FDA clearance for EchoGo Pro; a first-of-kind solution to help diagnose CAD

EchoGo Pro is an AI service for automated identification of coronary artery disease

EchoGo now available through the NHS Supply Chain Framework

EchoGo – a cloud AI service that helps doctors diagnose cardiovascular disease - is now available on the NHS Supply Chain Framework. It is the first AI-powered tool to automate echocardiography ...


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