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EchoGo® Integration

Simple. Secure. Scalable

EchoGo® seamlessly fits into your existing workflow.

Results are delivered directly into your clinical systems to enable timely decision-making.

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A simple, effective integration

EchoGo® platform is built on a robust and scalable cloud-native architecture that safely interacts with your designated systems to provide results where and when you need them. Using the best practices in information security and standard medical formats, we help you design a solution that effectively fits into your workflow.

Our Partnership Goals are to: 

  • Help achieve faster and more precise heart failure diagnoses that will improve patient outcomes 
  • Widen our existing knowledge base and increase our expertise on heart failure
  • Continue to speed up AI innovation and scale up our platforms


  • Maintain our close connections within the global scientific community
  • Increase inter-industry and academic-industry collaborations

Empowering healthcare providers to deliver superior patient care with confidence.




Easy integration with EchoGo® platform using the best-suited industry standards. Our SaaS-model means no software installation and no training.   

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Industry-compliant information security, built with globally trusted partners and always at the cutting edge with a best practice approach. 

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Seamlessly integrated into your workflow, our adaptable and scalable approach enables you to access the results where and when you need them.


Simple and Efficient

Quickly integrate our cloud-based service with your healthcare facility using industry standards to start enjoying the benefits of EchoGo®.

Communicate over DICOM using standard medical formats to deliver results directly into your PACS. Add HL7 messaging to improve efficiency, or use our API for increased flexibility. Our cloud-based integration enables flexibility to build a solution that fits your needs.

Used by our customers and collaborators, EchoGo® is integrated with leading PACS and clinical system vendors. Our team of experts are on hand to provide guidance and support to ensure a smooth and successful integration.

Secure by Design

EchoGo® uses strict information security standards to keep your data safe.

Built on Microsoft Azure, we employ a best practice approach together with the latest cloud technologies, with security, compliance, and reliability at heart.

  • ISO27001:2013 and CyberEssentials certifications for robust cybersecurity.

  • The hosting platform is ISO27001 and SOC 2 Type II certified, ensuring secure data processing.

  • Encryption safeguards data integrity when stored and transferred.

US HIPAA risk assessments and appointed officers ensure regulatory adherence.

Registered with UK ICO and designated Data Protection Officer prioritize privacy.

Stringent compliance measures maintain patient data confidentiality.

Scalable to Meet Your Demands

Empower clinicians across multiple care settings with powerful diagnostic information to assist with precise decision-making and care.

Our fast, scalable, cost-effective solution can quickly deploy at small practices or larger organizations.

We maximize efficiency through a modular approach, tailored to accommodate your growth trajectory and operational development. 

Our dedicated support and customer success teams offer invaluable guidance and insights to optimize your workflow going forward.

“We closely collaborate with our clients, thoroughly assessing their workflow needs to ensure seamless integration. Leveraging our integrations with PACS and EMR, we implement advanced filtration based on clinical indication or disease risk, seamlessly returning reports and streamlining billing processes. This automated workflow is pivotal in maximizing the benefits of EchoGo for our clients”

Amir Hasan , Chief Operating Officer at Ultromics

Fujifilm_logo-bigger-canvas - native integration with Synapse®

EchoGo® seamlessly integrates with FUJIFILM’s Synapse® AI platform, empowering healthcare providers with actionable insights and streamlining the interpretation process.

Watch the latest FUJIFILM and Ultromics webinar discussing the collaboration.



Integration Benefits

Enhanced Collaboration

Connect teams across tools without the overwhelming costs and complexities of traditional integration solutions. You and your team can access reports from anywhere.

Critical Findings Flagged

Prioritize your worklist based on clinical findings. See critical cases automatically flagged, and receive notifications. This feature ensures that no important results are missed, improving patient care and outcomes.

Workflow Optimization with echgo

Our deep integration solutions are designed to streamline the reporting and billing processes, enabling customers to effectively finalize clinical reports and accurately bill for procedures.

Our customers and collaborators are already enjoying EchoGo® through the successful integrations with their PACS and EMR vendors


200,000+ EXAMS

What We Have Achieved with our Partnerships

Published Research and Validation

Through our partnerships with Mayo Clinic, Janssen, and the NHS, we have trained and tested our technology to ensure trust for providers. This technology has gone on to be peer-reviewed in JACC and JASE. 

Reliability in the heart failure sector

With our partners’ continuous support, our technology has proven its reliability through commercial clearances, including three FDA clearances, two CE marks, and two FDA breakthrough designations. 

Access to world-leading science and data

Our technology was built on ten years of outcome data. We were born out of Oxford University from leading minds in science and built in partnership with the U.K.’s National Health Service (NHS).  

We are committed to ongoing partnerships with leading organizations as we seek to achieve continuous improvement of our unparalleled AI technology. 

Building a community of medical and tech experts

We have brought together some of the world’s top experts in both medical science and AI technology to maximize the application of our groundbreaking platform. We’ve built a world-leading Scientific Advisory Board with key industry experts from Northwestern Medicine, Baylor Scott & White, Mayo Clinic, and Harvard Medical Center.


What others say about our partnerships:

After Ultromics joined as a full partner The Accelerating Medicines Partnership® Heart Failure (AMP® HF), which includes the National Heart Lung and Blood Institute (NHLBI): 

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