Automated solutions to support physicians in detecting cardiovascular disease

Automated solutions for detecting coronary heart disease

Ultromics is championing a new era of medical diagnosis through innovating new automated tools to support physicians in the detection of cardiovascular disease. Our technology was born at the University of Oxford and has since attracted a global collaboration of scientists and engineers dedicated to reducing misdiagnosis and healthcare costs by making artificial intelligence intrinsic to the diagnostic process. We are aiming to drive ROI for health systems through faster workflows and reimbursement.

Echocardiogram images are automatically sent to Ultromics for analysis and artificial intelligence assists with identifying  suspected heart disease, sending a report back within minutes. The system is zero click and has zero variability.

EchoGo Core

Automated calculations for EF, GLS and LV Volumes

EchoGo Pro

Automated prediction for coronary artery disease

EF, GLS and LV Volumes with Zero Variability

EchoGo Core is the automated solution for cardiovascular findings – calculating Ejection Fraction, Global Longitudinal Strain and Left Ventricular Volumes.

Enhanced patient care

Assists physicians in making decisions that could improve care delivery. Automated analysis saves time which potentially provides faster, smarter care.

Zero variability

Provides physicians at any skill level with highly reproducible, vendor-neutral analysis which can enhance confidence in making diagnostic decisions.

Seamless Workflow

Easily integrates into existing clinical infrastructures as part of a zero click workflow, to provide real-time data at the point of care within minutes.


Drives value for physicians in the United States through reimbursement. Physicians can report and bill for myocardial strain as of January 2020.

Performance testing and validation

Accuracy and precision of EchoGo were assessed against EF, GLS and LV Volumes produced by other commercially available software that required manual contouring. Images were processed by five trained professionally accredited operators*. EchoGo was shown to provide accurate and robust measurements of EF, GLS and LV volumes. It also showed zero variability.

*BSE accredited echocardiographers & board-certified cardiologists

Strain reimbursed from January 2020

EchoGo Core allows physicians to measure strain in an automated means with zero variability, which could increase reimbursement and save time.

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Coronary Artery Disease Prediction

Outcomes-based AI system that predicts coronary artery disease, before it becomes acute.

Empowers physicians

Accurate and fast analysis to enable physicians at any skill level to feel confident in making diagnostic recommendations to patients. Full automation reduces variability.

Enables earlier Prevention

Identifies the risk of heart disease, helping to detect early signs and enable preventative steps before a heart attack strikes, ultimately saving lives.

Reduces Misdiagnosis

Allows at-risk people to be treated quickly – and those not at risk spared acute events and unnecessary tests, surgery and treatment.

Seamless Integration

The system is zero click. Echocardiograms are automatically sent to Ultromics for analysis and a report is returned within minutes.

Our technology

The pipeline of AI algorithms underpinning EchoGo was built in partnership with the NHS in the United Kingdom and leading cardiology clinical centres in the United States, all of which have expertise in echocardiography, vascular assessment and clinical physiology. These have provided access to large imaging archives suitable for training and validation of EchoGo.

The system consists of several fundamental computational phases:

Convolutional neural networks (CNN) applied to the automation of left ventricle (LV) segmentation

Models were created using thousands of echocardiographic images in the two and four chamber views

Cardiac cycles are determined using a complex algorithm to detect the correct end-diastolic (ED) and end-systolic (ES) frames

images scanned

The EchoGo pathway - straightforward architecture and strong privacy-by-design

Echocardiogram images are automatically sent to Ultromics for analysis.Artificial intelligence automates view identification, draws contours, selects highest quality cycles, and defines systolic and diastolic frames. All data exchanges are secured and anonymized to keep patient information secure. A report is generated, and results are amended to the original study within minutes, to assist with diagnostic decisions.

Echo images acquired and transferred to Ultromics

Quality Assurance checks of echo images

Neural network defines contour

Features are automatically extracted

Trained model is applied

Model generates data

Report is generated

Report is sent back into PACS/EHR

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EchoGo Pro is limited by United States law to investigational use 

EchoGo Core is not CE Marked for use in the European Union