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Ultromics at the American Society of Echocardiography’s 2023 Scientific Sessions

NATIONAL HARBOR, MD, JUNE 23-26,2023: Ultromics will be sharing its groundbreaking AI research and innovation at the American Society of Echocardiography’s annual Scientific Sessions.

ASE’s Foundations and the Future of Cardiovascular Ultrasound sessions bring together echo professionals and enthusiasts from across forty-five countries with a selection of networking events, seminars, and workshops from the top minds in echocardiography. 

Ultromics, a pioneer in using AI for heart failure and an industry round table partner of ASE, will be highlighted at key sessions throughout the conference, including a special seminar entitled “AI and Machine Learning.”

During this seminar, Dr. Patricia A. Pellikka from Mayo Clinic will share some of the evidence around EchoGo® Heart Failure, including her research with Ultromics and her involvement in the development of their AI algorithm. 

In speaking about EchoGo® Heart Failure with Cardiovascular Business, Dr. Pellikka says, "I think the potential there is enormous.”

Dr. Pellikka’s session will take place at Wilson BCD on Monday, June 26 at 7am, and she will present EchoGo® Heart Failure first during the seminar.



Automated echocadiographic detection of HFpEF using AI

Patricia A. Pellikka, MD.

📍 Monday, June 26, 7am
    Wilson BCD 




Additionally, Ultromics’ chief product officer Dr. Gary Woodward will speak at “Engineering in the Echo Lab: Building the Future.” Other notable leaders of this session include Dr. Pellikka, Dr. Roberto M. Lang, Dr. Michael Main, Dr. Neil Weissman, and Dr. Gianni Pedrizzetti. 

During the session, Dr. Woodward will present a talk entitled, “Why Do I need to Partner with Academic Scientists?” According to the ASE 2023 agenda, attendees will gain a new appreciation of the research coming from collaborations between academia and industry.

Dr. Woodward’s session will take place in the Cherry Blossom room on Sunday, June 25, at 9am. 




Why do I need to partner with academic scientists

Gary Woodward

📍 Sunday, June 25, 9am - Cherry Blossom




In addition to featuring key members of the team during ASE seminars, Ultromics has two posters accepted at ASE 2023! You can see these on each day of the show in the poster area.

The posters include "Novel Deep Learning Model for the Detection of Cardiac Amyloidosis: A Pilot Reader Study" and "Automated Echocardiographic Detection of Heart Failure with Preserved Ejection Fraction using Artificial Intelligence".

Key author of these include: Ashley P. Akerman, Mihaela Porumb, Christopher G. Scott, Arian Beqiri, Agisilaos Chartsias, Alexander J. Ryu, William Hawkes, Geoffrey D. Huntley, Ayana Z. Arystan, Garvan C. Kane, Sorin V. Pislaru, Francisco Lopez-Jimenez, Rizwan Sarwar, Jamie O’Driscoll, Paul Leeson, Ross Upton, Gary Woodward, and Patricia Pellikka.



Posters on display:

Novel Deep Learning Model for the Detection of Cardiac Amyloidosis: A Pilot Reader Study.

Automated Echocardiographic Detection of Heart Failure with Preserved Ejection Fraction using Artificial Intelligence.




You can learn more about Ultormics' latest research and innovation on booth 505 at the show, including some of our preliminary results presented during ACC earlier in 2023.


About Ultromics and EchoGo® Heart Failure


Born out of Oxford University and in collaboration with Mayo Clinic, Ultromics developed EchoGo® Heart Failure to fill a serious unmet need in cardiovascular care: precisely and efficiently detecting heart failure with preserved ejection fraction (HFpEF).  

EchoGo® Heart Failure is an innovative AI platform that achieves this by applying artificial intelligence to automate HFpEF detection, using only a single transthoracic echocardiographic (TTE) view, badding a new layer of precision to routine echos.

The novel AI technology, which was recently granted clearance and Breakthrough Device designation by the FDA, picks out radiomic signatures of disease that are not evident to the human eye.

Looking to learn more about EchoGo® Heart Failure and its revolutionary AI technology? Click here to book a meeting with the Ultromics team during ASE 2023. 


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The ASE is the largest global organization of professionals seeking to advance cardiovascular ultrasound. Since 1975, the Society’s mission has been to improve lives through excellence in education, research, innovation, advocacy, and service to both the professional and public sectors.


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