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By helping clinicians to diagnose heart disease with unmatched precision and accuracy, Ultromics’ award-winning Artificial Intelligence solutions contribute to improved outcomes.

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Unlock the true prognostic power of Echocardiography

Ultromics’ fully-automated, AI-driven advanced left ventricle analysis is precise, accurate and has been proven to be predictive of patient outcomes. Learn how our cloud-based solutions can improve your Echo lab’s performance and contribute to better outcomes.

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Why Ultromics?

FDA cleared and CE marked products.

Validated by leading experts in Echo.

Award-winning innovation.

Developed with world-renowned institutions.

Unmatched precision & accuracy.

LV analysis you can trust

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Transform your Echo Lab

Make the state of the art the state of your practice.

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Increase Efficiency

Accelerate your clinical workflow with AI-powered Echo analysis. Fully automate analysis and save up to 25% of Echo study time. 



Standardize Quality at Scale

Completely eliminate variability and get consistent, accurate, and precise Echo analysis that you can trust regardless of location, equipment, and sonographer skill level and experience.


Improve Outcomes

Diagnose patients more accurately and earlier with zero variability LVEF & Cardiac Strain analysis performed by AI that has been proven to be predictive of outcomes.

EchoGo is now reimbursable

EchoGo more than pays for itself. Find out more about the new Strain reimbursement code +93356.

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Empower better cardiac care for all

Everyone deserves to know their risk of heart failure and coronary artery disease (CAD). Ultromics combines cloud computing, AI, and Echocardiography – the most accessible, cost-effective, and safest cardiac imaging modality in the world – to better diagnose heart disease regardless of rural or urban care setting or socioeconomic factors.

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With EchoGo


Zero Clicks

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Zero Variability


Quality Managed Service


HIPAA Compliant

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Rapid Innovation


Seamless Workflow Integration


No Software to Learn


Immediate ROI



No maintenance. No training. No Vendor Lock. No obsolescence.

Rapid Innovation Powered by the Microsoft Azure Cloud

95% of healthcare organizations leverage the Microsoft Azure Cloud. Learn how Ultromics’ partnership with Microsoft and their Azure Cloud allows you to maximize the capabilities of your existing Echo infrastructure with seamless workflow integration and automated Echocardiography analysis for better Echo Lab performance.

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Solutions for Health Systems, Private Practice, and Imaging Centers

See how our customers are benefiting from EchoGo.

Medstar Health


EchoGo AI-derived heart measurements were able to predict COVID-19 mortality, stated in a new international study supported in partnership by the American Society of Echocardiography (ASE), MedStar Health, University of Chicago, and Ultromics.


Jericho Speciality Imaging

EchoGo is providing physicians with AI-powered Strain analysis on more than a thousand echocardiography exams performed each month, acquired at multiple locations throughout greater Long Island, United States. Myocardial strain is a highly valuable measure used to quantifying left ventricular (LV) function. 

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"EchoGo was proven to predict cardiac outcomes – where the status quo manual methods could not".

Game changing 2021 study from WASE.

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"Selecting a central echo analysis solution was key for us. A huge advantage of using Ultromics’ software was that studies could be easily automated and moved around by all of our Core labs across the world. DICOM data could be securely de-identified and sent up and processed in the cloud and accessed from any location."

Roberto M Lang, Professor of Medicine in the Section of Cardiology, University of Chicago Medical Center

"Ultromics’ AI platform was enormous value in the recent WASE study. It was able to predict patient mortality in the COVID population, when manual analysis could not. The platform could almost eliminate variability between operators; this lower variability of measurements led to a higher predictive value."

Dr. Federico Miguel Asch, Director of the Echocardiography Core Lab at MedStar Health Research Institute

"AI services like EchoGo can help automate time-consuming, manual analysis required by doctors when diagnosing heart disease - identifying disease faster, reducing patient backlog, and helping to save lives."

Indra Joshi, Director of AI for NHSX

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WASE Webinar Cover

EchoGo predicts cardiac outcomes in COVID patients (part of the WASE-COVID Study)

Lead authors, Dr. Federico Asch and Dr. Roberto Lang, discuss with Ultromics CTO, Gary Woodward, the outcomes of the WASE-COVID trial, a multi-center study from the The World Alliance Societies of Echocardiography using artificial intelligence to predict Cardiac outcomes in COVID-19 patients.

Role of AI today webinar cover

The Role of Artifical Intelligence today in Echocardiography

We hear from Gary Woodward, Chief Technical Officer of Ultromics, who hosts a sit-down conversation with Dr Partho Sengupta, discussing the role of artificial intelligence today in clinical practice, and how it is providing physicians with the best insights to support clinical decisions for their patients – including what to know, what to do, and when to get started.

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