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Test Ultromics’ Pioneering AI Technology for Echocardiography Analysis

Do you agree that this man's echo shows an EF of 52%?


Are there any features of heart failure on these views?


EchoGo Core has quantified GLS -14.9% and EF 52%, which could indicate HFpEF.

Did you know?

GLS -14.9% is abnormal, and could be an indicator of Stage B HF, increased LV filling pressures and HFpEF according to the 2022 AHA/ACC/HFSA guidelines. 50% of HF patient have normal EF and abnormal GLS.

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Can you estimate the EF of this technically difficult study?

How variable is manual contouring of EF and GLS?


EchoGo has quantified EF 62% with zero variability

EACVI/ASE Strain Standardization Task Force reported that the mean inter-observer variability of EF was 10.1% and GLS was 1.7%

Did you know?

EchoGo Core can analyze suboptimal image quality to quantify LV volumes, EF and GLS with zero variability, and with accuracy that is not only interchangeable with expert clinicians, but also correlates with known outcomes.

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How much time does it take for the following?

  • Biplane contouring to calculate LV volumes and EF
  • Checking contours across the whole cardiac cycle to calculate GLS

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