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Ultromics CE Mark's EchoGo Core

  • | By Ultromics

EchoGo Core, the first and only platform to automate ultrasound analysis in the
cloud, is now available for use in the UK and Europe.

Ultromics, a global health technology company at the forefront of proving ground-breaking
artificial intelligence solutions in echocardiography, has CE Marked EchoGo Core.
The clearance is a major milestone for Ultromics and comes shortly after the company’s
endorsement by the NHSX, who recently awarded Ultromics with a grant to fast-track its
technology across the UK, to improve care delivery of services.

The revolutionary technology is transforming the way echocardiography analysis is done. It
goes a step further than traditional on-premise software and takes reporting virtually in the
cloud, for true ‘hands-free’ analysis and optimal efficiency.
EchoGo runs behind the scenes and uses state-of-the-art artificial intelligence to automate
studies within minutes. The algorithm auto selects best views, draws echocardiographic
borders and automates Strain and Ejection Fraction analysis, then sends a report back with
the original study, to support clinical decisions.

Dr Ross Upton, Founder and CEO of Ultromics, said, “This makes a real difference to help
reduce burden on NHS staff. We believe by radically changing the way echo analysis is
done, through the cloud, we can greatly improve workflow efficiency and save time. And with your echo analysis online, you no longer have to install or manage software, or allocate
additional resources, saving costs and resources.

Upton continues “EchoGo can support echo analysis where it’s needed most, identifying lowrisk patients quickly to free up capacity to focus on those most at risk – as well as supporting junior doctors and interpretating night-staff with rapid diagnoses, unprecedented accuracy and zero variability”.

Traditionally clinicians have relied on software within practices that use AI to automate
measurements however, this requires you to adjust contours and leads to varying
interpretation dependant on experience. By automating the process in the cloud, EchoGo
removes this manual intervention and eliminates variability, giving clinicians confidence in
clinical evaluation, regardless of skill level.
EchoGo is already deployed within the NHS and can be accessed through a single, secure
connection. The solution is vendor-neutral and is compatible with any ultrasound device and


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