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Ultromics announces collaboration with Janssen to develop AI for patients with amyloidosis with cardiac involvement


OXFORD, England, SEP 27, 2021

Cardiac AI technology company seeks to continue to transform patient care pathways through collaboration

Ultromics announced today that it has entered into a collaboration agreement with Janssen Biotech, Inc., one of the Janssen Pharmaceutical Companies of Johnson & Johnson, to identify patients with amyloidosis with cardiac involvement from routine echocardiograms. The agreement was facilitated by Johnson & Johnson Innovation.

Ultromics will work with the data science and oncology scientists at Janssen Research & Development to develop an AI tool to promote screening of patients at risk for the potential build-up of amyloid, an abnormal protein, in the heart. Without treatment, the build-up of amyloid proteins in the heart can lead to cardiac dysfunction, making it more difficult for the organ to pump blood around the body and putting the individual at risk of developing heart failure and death.

Patients often have a poor prognosis due to the delay in diagnosis of AL amyloidosis, which frequently presents with non-specific symptoms that can mimic other, more common conditions. As many as 30% of patients with AL amyloidosis die within the first year after diagnosis. This current diagnosis paradigm highlights the need for novel approaches that enable early detection.

“This is another exciting step on our journey to transform cardiac care pathways by further expanding our portfolio of diagnostic tools to include amyloidosis,” said Dr. Ross Upton, CEO and Co-Founder, Ultromics. “We believe AI can be utilized to identify patients early with the aim to get patients the right treatment at the right time and ultimately improve outcomes and save lives.”

Ultromics’ EchoGo is a fully automated software as a service platform powered by AI that helps clinicians analyse ultrasound images and makes fast and accurate cardiovascular disease diagnoses that can predict clinical outcomes. This AI technology will provide an opportunity to identify AL amyloidosis patients earlier and enable more patients to benefit from new treatment regimens. In this collaboration, Ultromics will seize that opportunity to develop and commercialise a screening tool for amyloidosis with cardiac involvement that applies AI algorithms to assist physicians with the early identification of amyloidosis with cardiac involvement.

About Ultromics

Ultromics is a fully automated software as a service platform powered by AI that allows clinicians to make fast, accurate decisions when using ultrasound images to diagnose cardiovascular disease. Born at the University of Oxford and built-in partnership with the U.K.’s NHS, Ultromics has developed the first fully automated solution for echocardiography (EchoGo Core, FDA 510(k), CE Marked) and analysis of global longitudinal strain (GLS). Ultromics delivers analysis to any vendor within minutes, with zero variability, without any disruption to workflow, and can even predict a patient’s risk of developing coronary artery disease (EchoGo Pro. 510(k), CE Marked). Ultromics has partnered with leading research institutions, including the Mayo Clinic, NHS and American Society of Echocardiography. For more information, visit

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