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NHS staff given easy access to cloud-based echocardiogram analysis

Clinicians across the NHS can now access the cloud-based application, EchoGo,
through the Sectra Image Exchange Portal (IEP), to automate ultrasound analysis.

EchoGo can automate thousands of scans each day between NHS professionals in
different Trusts, to support quick and accurate cardiovascular disease diagnosis.

The technology has already been onboarded with NHS Trusts, and can be ‘switched
on’ for any practice to use, following successfully completing CE Mark, extensive
testing across 30 NHS Trusts and meeting the UK’s strictest data and security

EchoGo remotely connects with picture archiving communication systems (PACS)
and works in the background to regularly take echo images for analysis via the
secure cloud. The system uses artificial Intelligence, validated on billions of data
points, to automate Strain and Ejection Fraction, and sends a report back within
minutes. This is all done virtually, without any need for software on-site.

Founder and CEO of Ultromics, Dr Ross Upton, says: “This makes a real difference
to help reduce burden on NHS staff. We believe by radically changing the way echo
analysis is done, through the cloud, we can greatly improve workflow efficiency and
save time. EchoGo can help support echo analysis where it’s needed most,
identifying low-risk patients quickly to free up capacity to focus on those most at risk
– as well as supporting junior doctors and interpretating night-staff with rapid diagnoses, unprecedented accuracy and zero variability”.

Body image - EchoGo Core

There is a growing interest nationally around cloud technology. A centralised, cloud-based solution for echocardiography analysis holds great potential to not only support clinicians, but also help reduce costs and optimize resources within the NHS.

The potential of EchoGo has been endorsed by the NHSX who recently awarded Ultromics with a grant to fast-track its technology across the UK. The grant was issued as part of the NHS AI in Health and Care Award programme in September 2020, as part of the NHS’ Long Term Plan to improve the delivery of services to clinicians and patients.

Learn more about how NHS Trusts can get connected with EchoGo, contact a member of our sales team today - sales

About Ultromics 

Ultromics is a global health technology firm which provides autonomous echocardiography analysis through innovative AI solutions – empowering physicians to make fast, accurate decisions when diagnosing cardiovascular disease. We have developed the first fully automated solution for echocardiography and strain analysis. The revolutionary platform, EchoGo, is a cloud-based AI service which delivers analysis to any vendor within minutes and with zero variability through its zero-click, full automation workflow. 

Our technology was born at the University of Oxford and built in partnership with the NHS and has since raised over £20 million to help bring diagnostic quality to hospitals, improve patient care, and help make valuable resource and cost savings. Cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of mortality, with an estimated 17 million deaths each year. For more information about Ultromics –