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EchoGo now available through the NHS Supply Chain Framework

EchoGo – a cloud AI service that helps doctors diagnose cardiovascular disease - is now available on the NHS Supply Chain Framework. It is the first AI-powered tool to automate echocardiography analysis as a cloud service, to streamline doctor’s workflows and help save them time.

The announcement comes two months after Ultromics won a share of the £140m NHS AI in Health and Care Award in September 2020, to fast-track its technology into UK hospitals.

CEO and Founder of Ultromics, Dr Ross Upton, says “We have been working with the NHS since 2017, building and testing EchoGo across 30 NHS sites in one of the largest echo studies of its kind. We have received very positive feedback on our system, and I’m thrilled that its finally available for NHS Trusts to use”.

EchoGo is a cloud service which automates cardiac measurements from echocardiograms, including Strain and Ejection Fraction. The system delivers near-instant reports with precise results. Doctors then use this report to help them in their decision making when treating patients. The service has been validated to eliminate variability and is vendor agnostic.  

EchoGo will support clinicians in the NHS with rapid and accurate reports so they can prioritize other valuable work, and not have to spend time out of their day using time-consuming, traditional in-house software.

Dr. Upton comments: “Now more than ever we need to embrace new technology. The pandemic has led to a large backlog of people in the UK waiting for an ultrasound scan, and if left undiagnosed, this can lead to serious heart problems, hospitalisation or heart attacks. We need to act quickly and use new technologies to support our healthcare system and help save lives”.

About Ultromics 

EchoGo has been developed by Ultromics, a world-leading cardiac health-tech company based in Oxford using AI to empower physicians with fast, accurate decisions when diagnosing cardiovascular disease.

Together with the NHS, Ultromics has developed the world’s first autonomous echocardiography service which delivers cardiac imaging diagnosis through the cloud, without any variability or need to manage software on site.

The company was co-founded by CEO Ross Upton during his PhD studies at the University of Oxford, and Dr Paul Leeson, Ultromics’ CMO, Professor of Cardiovascular Medicine at the University of Oxford, and Head of the Oxford Cardiovascular Clinical Research Facility. Ultromics was spun out of the University in 2017.

Cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of mortality, with an estimated 17.9 million deaths each year. Ultromics aims to enable earlier detection, improve patient outcomes, and enhance diagnostic quality for CVD patients.

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