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The Cost Savings of AI-powered Cloud for Echocardiography Analysis

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With growing pressure to modernize solutions that provide both operational and clinical gain, while also maximizing existing research and minimizing costs, more providers are considering choosing a cloud option rather than purchasing software outright. 

In fact, 83% of healthcare has switched to cloud in an effort to meet the Quadruple Aim of improving outcomes, boosting clinician satisfaction, enhancing patient care, and lowering costs. They have found that cloud platforms can provide a secure,  future-ready, and predictable solution that can seamlessly integrate into workflow to support them with achieving this. [1]

We’ll cover five key areas in which Ultromics’ fully managed cloud platform can provide cost savings and greater efficiency through consolidated processes. 

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1. No initial investment

Investing in a cloud platform like Ultromics requires no initial investment. You do not need to purchase and install software, or invest in hardware. Simply install on existing PACS and it will greatly extend the lifetime of machines. Additionally, there is minimal time investment, as the cloud is straightforward to set up and begin using immediately. Cloud technology is also easy to use, which means practitioner training downtime is also minimized.

Since the cloud is centrally hosted, there is no need for costly on-premise software. This offers providers the financial flexibility to “pay as you go” with a subscription-based model. 

With a cloud platform, providers will not only avoid being stuck with major hardware and software investments, but they’ll have the ability to predict costs and scale up or down when needed. 


2. Fast and straightforward implementation

Implementation can be leveraged across multiple hospital system departments and locations. Once set up, the single cloud connection can allow for the AI to be switched on anywhere. 

This is how cloud platforms provide clinics with secure, consistent, and reliable high-performance diagnostics in geographically dispersed locations. It allows care to potentially be provided in community hubs, which can save costs and lower pressure on hospitals.


3. High Level of Scalability 

Health organizations are increasingly embracing cloud technology as they search for more scalable ways to achieve the Quadruple Aim. Having a scalable solution offers the best flexibility and cost-effectiveness to suit your care demands. 

With Ultromics’ scalable cloud platform, practitioners only pay for what they need. As circumstances change, they can easily scale up or down. This maximizes both cost and time savings. 


4. Continuous Innovation

With Ultromics, our cloud vendor manages your solution’s complete life cycle and support services. This includes business intelligence, quality control, and optimization opportunities. It also enables continuous adoption of new innovation without the extra cost.

These updates are deployed without disruption to normal activities, and there are no extra resources or down time for training required. Practitioners can take advantage of a simple and accelerated adoption of new innovation through their single cloud connection. 

Ultromics’ cloud-based AI technology makes meeting the Quadruple Aim highly achievable. Providers can avoid costly initial investments and implement their solutions quickly to diagnose more patients in less time. When needed, they can scale up, and new updates are both free and easy to implement. 

To learn more about cost savings of cloud technology, and how Ultromics provides secure and accurate outcomes-based measurements, download our free guide: The Value of Cloud-Based AI for Echocardiography Analysis.

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