Ultromics ranks among the top 10 most funded medical AI start-ups

A recent report published by Frost & Sullivan has analysed the medical imaging AI market and ranked the top start-ups by funding amounts and country of origin. Ultromics has been ranked number nine globally.

Of the top ten most funded start-ups, five are from the US, four are from China and one each from the UK (Ultromics) and Israel. One has series D funding, two have series C, three have series B, and four have series A funding (and one at ‘unknown’ stage).

“Medical imaging has become the bellwether application for artificial intelligence (AI) technologies in healthcare. From deep learning and machine learning approaches, to cognitive computing, to even natural language processing, several AI approaches are now being incorporated in the field of radiology. Apart from academic research groups, almost all major manufacturers and vendors in the medical imaging space have or are developing initiatives to bring automation, augmentation or acceleration to medical imaging, cognitive computing for imaging informatics applications and even intelligent machines. There are several startups as well which continue to advance the development of solutions. This study is a focused analysis to highlight all of the companies active in this space, and to analyze their solutions to get a sense of the trends in the industry” – Frost & Sulivan.

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