The EchoGo*** Platform

EchoGo Core* and Pro** utilize neural networks to identify regions of interest within the ultrasound image. In these regions, EchoGo* ** extracts complex imaging features throughout the heart cycle. Our goal is to support a more accurate diagnosis of cardiovascular disease and produce repeatable measurements crucial to patient diagnosis.

In addition, leveraging the power of machine learning, EchoGo Pro** is designed to build on knowledge accrued from analyzing thousands of patients’ heart scans in combination with information about each of those patients’ outcomes to help identify coronary artery disease and potentially reduce variability between clinicians**

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The current market for diagnosing coronary artery disease (CAD)

Evidence suggests at least
20% of CAD scans are misdiagnosed1

1 in 5 CAD patients
may go untreated, undergo unnecessary surgery, or potentially experience a cardiac event1

The challenge:
diagnosis can be difficult

Patients suspected of having CAD generally undergo a stress echocardiogram. Clinicians visually inspect the images, looking for patterns potentially indicative of heart disease

Even very experienced cardiologists base their judgments on only a fraction of the data actually contained in the images

Building on the foundation of over a decade of imaging research by the team at the University of Oxford, we are excited to bring a new AI-based platform to challenge the conventional approach to cardiovascular diagnostics*

1. Geleijnse ML, Krenning BJ, van Dalen BM, Nemes A, Soliman OI, Bosch JG, Galema TW, Folkert J, Boersma E. Factors affecting sensitivity and specificity of diagnostic testing: dobutamine stress echocardiography. Journal of the American Society of Echocardiography. 2009;22(11):1199-1208.

*Pending FDA 510(k) clearance, not available for sale in the United States, not CE-marked

**CAUTION–Investigational device. Limited by Federal (or United States) law to investigational use, not CE-marked 

***The EchoGo Platform consists of two separate modules, including EchoGo Core and EchoGo Pro